Zombonic 1.2 (Android)

Overview: The Black Undeath is here!
Requirements: Android OS 2.3 and up

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MesmerMobile.ZombonicWhat's New in Zombonic version 1.2:
Added light quality setting to help cater for less powerful devices. This setting is now available in the Options menu of Zombonic. By default, light quality is set to low, so if you have a capable device then be sure to switch it to high.

Zombonic is a Tilt & Touch Shooter that pits you against an unrelenting horde of the undead. Shoot them before they can reach you and don't forget to watch your back!

You earn points for each zombie you kill and each zombie has a chance to drop a pickup. This pickup not only adds more points to your score when collected but also applies a random effect to you!

For each minute that passes, the points awarded to you for shooting zombies or collecting pickups is doubled. You will earn a score bonus for surviving the first minute and this score bonus is also doubled for every additional minute that you survive.

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