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unlock huawei e220 modem

free step by step guide to unlock huawei e220 modem

do you own a huawei e220 modem, is it locked to some specific provider and are you fed up with your provider, you have come to the right place. i will show you how to unlock e220 huawei modem in simple easy to follow steps. this will set you free to use any provider on your huawei e220 modem irrespective of from whom you bought the modem. the process is pretty easy. you will need to download a couple of softwares and read and follow these steps thoroughly. so here we go

huawei e220 unlocker

  •  download the rev skill software from here
  • run rev skills software and select menu>hardware forensics>port utils>qc+at -cmd. this will open a new window
e220 unlock
  • select the correct port in the top row (port detected by the software updater). if port doesnt show  select the refresh option
  • now select the diag tab and select version info from the drop down menu and click on select cmd
e220 unlocker
  • if everything went right it would successfully read the device info. this is to make sure that everything is working fine. if the device info is not read in the intended manner repeat the process again, and try changing the com ports
  • once you have made sure that the rev skill is connected to the e220 you can proceed to the next step
  • now press the lets go button. save the file with file name “flash.bin”
  • now download the hex editor from here
  • run the hex editor and open the “flash.bin” file
  • Select menu item, Search -> Find and search for the string  53 64 2C 00
e220 unlocker
  • In the same line of the corresponding place of the right side window will show the 8 digit lock code of your huawei e220 modem
  • copy the 8 digit code and save it somewhere
  • now download the huawei code writer software and insert the unlock code you copied into the space provided and click send
your modem will be unlocked. if you have any trouble in doing any of the steps please comment it here


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