Saturday, December 24, 2011

Infinity Nokia BEST dongle update

Dear Customers,
We are proud to release the following update today

Infinity Nokia Best dongle 1.33 Version released

User Data operations updated
- Added read data from 70 New Nokia phones
- Added FlashRead feature (USB - DEAD/ALIVE modes) with
- S60vX PhoneBook Extraction (from any S60 version)
- S^3 PhoneBook extraction (Base, Anna, Belle)
- S40 PhoneBook , Gallery, SMS/MMS extraction
- Simlock extraction from dead phones ( beta for test )

List of phones include following

S60 : PhoneBook : RM-750 Nokia 500 (S^3)
RM-431 Nokia 5630 XpressMusic (S60vX)
RM-432 Nokia 5630 XpressMusic (S60vX)
RM-779 Nokia 603 (S^3)
RM-576 Nokia 6700 slide (S60vX)
RM-577 Nokia 6700 slide (S60vX)
RM-682 Nokia 6702s (S60vX) RM-491 Nokia 6710 Navigator (S60vX)
RM-424 Nokia 6720 Classic (S60vX)
RM-564 Nokia 6720 Classic (S60vX)
RM-547 Nokia 6730 Classic (S60vX) RM-566 Nokia 6730 Classic

RM-670 Nokia 700 (S^3)
RM-774 Nokia 701 (S^3)
RM-730 Nokia 702T (S^3)
RM-688 Nokia C5 (S60vX)
RM-645 Nokia C5-00 (S60vX)
RM-745 Nokia C5-02 (S60vX)
RM-697 Nokia C5-03 (S60vX)
RM-744 Nokia C5-03 (S60vX)
RM-719 Nokia C5-03.2 (S60vX)
RM-624 Nokia C6-00.1(S60vX)
RM-601 Nokia C6-01 (S60vX)
RM-718 Nokia C6-01 (S60vX)
RM-675 Nokia C7-00 (S^3)
RM-691 Nokia C7-00 (S^3)
RM-749 Nokia C7-00s (S^3)
RM-632 Nokia E5-00 (S^3)
RM-634 Nokia E5-00 (S^3)
RM-699 Nokia E5-00 (S^3)
RM-469 Nokia E52 (S60vX)
RM-481 Nokia E52 (S60vX) RM-482 Nokia E55 (S60vX)
RM-609 Nokia E6-00 (S^3)
RM-626 Nokia E7-00 (S^3)
RM-529 Nokia E72 (S60vX)
RM-530 Nokia E72 (S60vX)
RM-584 Nokia E72 (S60vX)
RM-658 Nokia E73 (S60vX)
RM-596 Nokia N8 (S^3) RM-
679 Nokia T7-00 (S^3) M-627 Nokia X5-01 (S60vX)
RM-648 Nokia X5-01 (S60vX)
RM-659 Nokia X7.00.1 (S^3)
RM-707 Nokia X7-00 (S^3)
RM-582V Vertu Constellation Quest (S^3) RM-681V Vertu Constellation T (S^3)

S40 : Gallery, SMS, PhoneBook :

RM-586 Nokia
RM-763 Nokia 303
RM-509 Nokia 3710 fold
RM-510 Nokia 3710 fold
RM-511 Nokia 3711 fold
RM-638 Nokia 6303i Classic
RM-455 Nokia 6350
RM-470 Nokia 6700 Classic
RM-381 Nokia 6750 Mural
RM-615 Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition
RM-497 Nokia 7020
RM-618 Nokia X2-00
RM-709 Nokia X2-01
RM-717 Nokia X2-01.1
RM-772 Nokia X2-05
RM-540 Nokia X3
RM-639 Nokia X3-02
RM-775 Nokia X3-02
RM-598 Nokia 7230
RM-604 Nokia 7230
RM-721 Nokia C2-01
RM-722 Nokia C2-01
RM-693 Nokia C2-02.1
RM-614 Nokia C3-00
RM-640 Nokia C3-01
RM-776 Nokia C3-01
RM-662 Nokia C3-01m

Update Discussion

Data Extraction Discussion

More Updates coming soon ... Keep tuned
Infinity Nokia BEST dongle update


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